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Chennai Scaffolding is one of India's largest, privately owned aluminium scaffolding companies. Operating throughout the country, we offer value-added services to the construction, industrial, civil and mining industries.We have significant experience in performing all types of scaffolding work across a wide range of industry sectors. We are manufacturing some Scaffolding types like steel scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, aluminium scaffolding, aerial work scaffolding, mobile tower scaffolding with stairway, aluminium mobile scaffolding, aluminium scaffolding with steps, Scaffolding frames, aluminium scaffolding frames, scaffolding tower, mobile tower scaffolding, double width scaffolding tower, single width scaffolding tower, aluminium tower scaffolding, Customized scaffolding. We are supply our product in Chennai, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Nellore, Visakhapatnam,Trivandrum, Kochi and other place in india.

We also provide site surveys and assessment of any access problems, where our scaffolding products may offer a viable and practical access solutions drawing upon our years of experience from previous scenarios & applications. Our product range has components which are unique in the features they offer to the customer .

At India we have a wide range of scissor lifts for hire / Rental and sales which are suitable for use indoors scissor lift and outdoor scissor lift. Their platform capacity allows for multiple people to work from the platform at one time with heavy duty tools. The diesel scissor lifts have working heights from 10m-17m and all are 4x4, enabling you to reach almost any on-site location; battery-powered scissor lifts have a working height from 5.8m-14.5m.

Boom lifts are a valuable solution for carrying out maintenance and installation work at any height. Available in diesel or bi-energy models, our boom lifts deliver a stable working platform allowing work at any place in india.

Boom lifts are designed with a telescopic Boom Lift or articulated boom, to provide sideways outreach, allowing the work platform to gain access around and over obstacles. Models are available in a huge variety of sizes and features to my Boom Lift Pages.

We are a supplier of Boom Lift in chennai, Tamilnadu and supplying our products to all over south india such as Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Selam, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Ongole, Tirupati, Nellore. Bangalore, Mangalore, Trivandrum and Kochi.

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